Apple would be considering the use of 2 nanometer chips for its iPhone and iMac of 2025

Apple has several new features planned for users in the coming yearsincluding its full transition to Apple Silicon, the new processors that have given Apple independence from Intel. However, as we read at WCCFTech, the company could adopt TSMC’s 2-nanometer chips in its iPhones and Macs as soon as 2025.
This would come after the news that TSMC would start production of 2 nanometer chips at some point in 2025, so as is often the case with new TSMC nodes, Apple will be one of the main clients of the new node to introduce the latest possible technology in its processorsboth in the Bionic for smartphones and tablets, as well as in its Apple Silicon for computers and the iPad Pro.
Geeknetic Apple would be considering the use of 2 nanometer chips for its iPhone and iMac of 2025 1
TSMC also expects to start production at 3 nanometers later this year, so it would not be strange at all to see how the company’s next generation of processors arrives manufactured at 3 nanometers, as would be the processors of the iPhone 14, while the iPhone 15 would use 2-nanometer chips from TSMC.
Similarly, Apple Silicon M2 processors would thus reach 3 nanometers, while a possible M3 would arrive manufactured at 2 nanometers, following the chronology.

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