Apple will hold WWDC 2022 online from June 6 to 10

Manzana will celebrate, like every year, the WWDC annual developer conference. This year 2022 will take place between the June 6 and 10 and that it has already begun to send invitations to the different media to attend. Although it is a conference for developers, the public and Apple users are attentive to learn first-hand the news that they will present regarding software for Apple deviceswhich typically include highlights from iOS, iPad OS, WatchOS, and macOS.
Geeknetic Apple will celebrate WWDC 2022 online from June 6 to 10
The apple maker already has 30 million developers in their community, guests will be able to access new resources and technologies to carry out their projects. This year laboratories and talks will increase dedicated to development for Apple devices, much more content for the community that aims to facilitate the creation of new tools compatible with its ecosystem.
Geeknetic Apple will celebrate WWDC 2022 online from June 6 to 10
This year, just like last year, the event will take place online, although on the same day 6 there will be a face-to-face event in the Apple Park for students and developers to see the opening conference and other videos. As well a competition will be held in which you can submit a development in Swift and participate before April 25. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments!

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