Antony Starr arrested in Spain after a fight in a bar

VaThe Daily Mail we have learned that the star of ‘The Boys’, Antony Starr was arrested this week in Spain after an altercation in a bar. According to the media, the actor was convicted of a crime of assault after an incident in an Alicante bar in which Starr hit a 21-year-old chef several times. The young man tried to get the actor to leave the bar after getting involved in another altercation, getting a violent response from Starr, who hit him twice and broke a glass in his face. When police arrived, Starr was taken into custody and Chef was taken to the hospital where he received four stitches above his eye. Starr was subjected to a speedy trial that sentenced him to prison for 12 months. However, the actor, having no record, will avoid going to prison if he pays the victim a fine of just over 7,000 euros in the next few days and does not commit any other crime within the next two years. The court considered Starr’s drunken state a “mitigating factor” in sentencing. Starr was in Spain filming the latest Guy Ritchie movie,‘The Interpreter’, whose cast is headed by Jake Gyllenhaal (‘Guilty’). It must be said that Starr, who rose to stardom after his participation in ‘Banshee’, has become very popular in recent years thanks to his portrayal of the superhero Patriot in the original Prime Video series, ‘The Boys’, whose third season we remember It will be released next June.

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