Anonymous declares the "cyberwar" to Putin and warns him of attacks "without precedents"


Anonymous has predicted that the military offensive in Ukraine will “create more problems” for Russia

In a video broadcast on YouTubein which Anonymous has censured the “aggressive regime” in Russia, a representative of the collective has indicated that, in recent days, many Russian government sites have suffered cyberattacks and has warned Putin that “this is only the beginning”.
“Your secrets won’t be safe anymore”, he added, before highlighting the possibility of Russian “key components of government infrastructure” being hacked.

The representative of Anonymous has indicated that the invasion of Ukraine has shown that the “Russian regime” has no “respect” for Human Rights nor for the self-determination of its neighboring countries, while it has lamented the damage to civil infrastructure and the civilians who have been “assassinated”. In this sense, Anonymous has predicted that the military offensive in Ukraine “will create more problems” for Russia “on its geopolitical front” because “more countries will see him as a threat and an enemy, more his neighboring countries that have maintained a neutral attitude until now”. In addition, he has mentioned the protests that have been taking place since Thursday in various parts of the Eurasian country in rejection of the invasion of Ukraine and has warned that the “tyrannical response” to the demonstrations “will only further spread the discontent” of the Russians, whom the sanctions will “harm more”.


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