Announced the book The awakening of the heart: Kingdom Hearts

Announced the book The awakening of the heart: Kingdom Hearts

Paper Heroes announces through his Twitter account his new book entitled The awakening of the heart. The book explores the universe of Kingdom Hearts through the narrative, history and mechanics of this well-known video game franchise. Its launch is scheduled for the next may 19 and it will be available both in bookstores and supermarkets as well as on its official website, where it is already possible Reserve the specimen.

The book takes a tour of the history of the saga, review the chronology of their games and analyzes their narrative and mechanical. It also delves into the development of charactersthe band sonorous of the multiple titles in the series and the impact the franchise has had on audiences over the years.

Paper Heroes has confirmed the launch of a special edition with exclusive content with respect to its normal edition. This edition will be limited, numbered and will consist of a case container, a pin of the gummi ship, a poster double and the certificate numbered. In addition, a set of sheets and a bookmark exclusive. By reserving any edition through its official website, one of the exclusive set prints and the special edition bookmark will also be given away. The price of the editions will be €24.95 for normal editing and €34.95 for the special edition. The reservation period for the special edition will open next April 4.

The author of the book is Alexander Linares, graduate in Law and International Relations and host of the weekly podcast Don’t Hate The Player. For its part, the prologue has been written by Pablo Gonzalez Taboadacontributor to the video game website Meristation, video game streamer on Twitter and author of the book Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals. Source: Paper Heroes

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