Announced in Japan the second volume of Dinosan

Announced in Japan the second volume of Dinosan

Itaru Kinoshitathrough his personal Twitter account, shows the dust jacket design of the second volume from dinosaur, his current work. In the tweet Kinoshita refers to the color of the cover backgroundbeing this pinkas it reminds you of the spring. This second volume in the series will go on sale in Japan on April 8. The official Dinosan manga account on Twitter also cites the author’s tweet and posts a photograph comparing the first two volumes.

the sleeve of dinosaur, by Itaru Kinoshita, began publication in March 2021 in the Monthly Comic Bunch magazine, from the publisher Shinchosha, and to date has only one compilation volume, its serialization remaining open. The work has been licensed in Spain by Arechi Mangabeing announced the publication of the first volume initially for this month of March. Discovered survival on an island in 1946. After that, dinosaurs that were to be regenerated through breeding and genetic engineering. Over time, the world became full of dinosaurs, but a certain accident caused people to lose interest in dinosaurs altogether. Meanwhile, Suma Suzume will join the “Enoshima Dinoland” dinosaur garden, which has fallen into financial difficulties, as a new breeder. Source: @kurinosukeboy

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