Announced a Pokémon Presents for this afternoon

Announced a Pokémon Presents for this afternoon

Pokemon Company announced the live broadcast of a Pokémon Presentscoinciding with the anniversary of the franchise. The event will take place today, Sunday February 27starting at 3:00 p.m. Peninsula time, and will last a total of 14 minutes.
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One more year, the Japanese company maintains the tradition of carrying out announcements of some importance every February 27. The previous year, the live celebration served to announce the remakes Bright diamond and Shimmering Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Among the possibilities, possible additional content for this last title, in addition to projects yet to be announced, like Pokémon Sleep. The riskiest bets are launched to predict an announcement about the Next Generation of the main franchise.

The latest title in the franchise, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, went on sale for Nintendo Switch on January 28. The title represents a new focus for the Pokémon universe, which for the first time enters the games of open world. The protagonists will live an adventure through the hisui Region, the Sinnoh of old, on a quest to complete the first pokedex in history of the place. The title will also revolve around Arceus, recognized as the first Pokémon and creator of all the creatures that have been and will be in the world. In the graphic section, the game continues the line of Sword and Shield in full body models, with a visual style that is slightly reminiscent of the cell shading. Source: Serebii

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