Anna Simon is already a mom! And she shares the first photo of her daughter Aina

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The collaborator and television presenter, Anna Simon, welcomed her daughter Aina on April 29 with her boyfriend, the television stylist Lucho Soriano

“For four days I have been the happiest person in the world.” Anna Simón is overjoyed with happiness, living in a cloud from which neither she nor her partner, the stylist Lucho Soriano, wants to get off. The couple has welcomed into the world their first daughter together, whom they have given the beautiful name of Aina. The presenter gave birth on April 29 without anyone knowing anything. An enormous discretion that her program partners have respected, who have not echoed the happy news until the new mother has not announced it on Instagram by sharing the first photo of Aina.
Anna Simon shares the first photo of her daughter Aina Instagram @annasimonmari Aina is here and has made her parents, Anna Simon and Lucho Soriano, the happiest in the world. The image that the collaborator and television presenter has shared on Instagram could not be more tender: the shrunken little legs of the newborn. What are they to eat?Very discreet with her private life, it was not until last February that Simon announced that she was pregnant after her abrupt departure from ‘Zapeando’. And, again, following the same trend, the presenter has been able to control the times to quietly enjoy the first days of Aina’s life with Lucho. It has been Dani Mateo who, this Tuesday, has broken his silence after the entire ‘Zapeando’ team has kept the secret from them, and they have congratulated his former partner live when they saw that Anna shouted it from the rooftops from her Instagram .Anna Simon and Lucho Soriano met during the presenter’s contest in ‘Tu cara me sonido’. Between rehearsals and music, love was born between them and they consolidated their relationship on an intimate level, away from the spotlights and flashes. With the arrival of Aina they write one of the most beautiful chapters of their history together.

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