Anabel Pantoja is transferred to the hospital due to the worsening of Bernardo Pantoja’s health


Anabel Pantoja arrived last night at dawn from Gran Canaria. In her eyes was reflectedconcern and anguish over the state of his father’s health, Bernardo Pantoja, admitted a week ago to the Virgen del Rocío hospital in Seville. Apparently, Bernardo Pantoja’s condition would have worsened, which is why Anabel Pantoja has not hesitated to take a plane to be with her father in these difficult times. Anabel arrived in Seville, as we say, at dawn. At the airport, the cameras were waiting for her, but Bernardo Pantoja’s daughter did not want to say anything. “I can’t tell how my father is“. Anabel just wanted to get home, with her mother, and this afternoon, the collaborator has moved to the hospital to be with her father. This week has been quite complicated for Anabel. On the one hand, there is the hospitalization of her father, on the other the struggle he has with Alexia Rivas over Omar Sánchez, Anabel’s ex-husband, with whom Alexia has a close friendship. And finally the intervention of her great-aunt on television, Magdalena, who according to the polygraph would have taken some photographs of Bernardo in the hospital, in which Anabel’s father would be seen with a very deteriorated appearance. Despite the fact that Magdalena denied it, the machine assured that she was lying, so the woman ended up with a tremendous anxiety attack. Before, Magdalena, Anabel’s grandmother’s sister, reproached her for not being by her father’s side, at that the collaborator answered, by telephone: “If I have to work it is because I have to pay for many things, including helping my father“He said, with a broken and tearful voice. Those who, at the time of writing this information, had not made an appearance at the hospital where Bernardo is admitted, are none of the brothers: Juan, Isabel or Agustín.


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