Ana Soria breaks her silence and collapses when talking about the love she feels for Enrique Ponce

Famous couples Ana Soria

Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria have been in a relationship for two years, a love that is more alive than ever between them. “I love him more than my life”, he has confessed between tears

Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria they became the great protagonists of the summer of 2020. After separating from Paloma Cuevas, the bullfighter began a love story with this Andalusian, 27 years younger than him and a law student. A romance that dominated headlines and covers for months and that forced them to withdraw from the media spotlight, eliminating all traces on social networks. Throughout these years, there has been much information that has been given about the stability or not of the couple and whether or not the young woman would have ended the professional career of the right-hander. Well, tired of gossip, the protagonists have decided break his silence exclusively for ‘Viva la vida’.Both Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria have granted an interview to José Antonio Avilés. A talk of approximately 20 minutes in which the couple has talked about the deep love they have for each other. “I love Ana madly. She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met in my life”declared the bullfighter giving the place that belongs to his partner. Apart from this precious declaration of love, if there is something that has attracted special attention, it is that the young Andalusian has stepped forward in a public way.Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria have been missing from the media scene for months. The young woman and the bullfighter have captured all eyes on the possibility that their love story has been shattered… But the lovebirds have decided to put an end to all the rumors and since ‘Sálvame’ they have clarified how they are in reality, And they couldn’t be more united! “It’s all a lie once again. We can’t live like this, it’s tired. We’re fine, we’re together, we’re calm,” Ana confessed while Enrique followed in her footsteps: “We’re phenomenal, but we’re fed up. We want to be calm, We live very comfortably. What we want is for them to talk about us as little as possible,” said the ex of Paloma Cuevas. But not happy with this step forward, Ana Soria has flatly denied that the right-hander is going to start a tour of Mexico: “But what’s going on! What’s not! What madness! He’s not going to Mexico and he’s not going to come back the bulls”, he has sentenced. Gtres Visibly affected by the media pressure that she has had to endure for a long time, Ana wanted to make it very clear that her love for Enrique Ponce is very real despite being singled out as being taken advantage of on more than one occasion: “We have tried to do everything possible to get us out of the way but the love we feel for each other is what keeps us here. I love Enrique more than my life.”he confessed without being able to avoid being moved.

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