Ana Rosa Quintana will go through the operating room in the next few days

The AR program Ana Rosa Quintana

It was Joaquín Prat who announced that Ana Rosa Quintana will undergo surgery in a few days in the midst of her fight against cancer

Just a few hours after reappearing on social networks in the middle of one of his yoga classes, it was Joaquín Prat who made it public that after four months of chemotherapy treatment, Ana Rosa Quintana will have to undergo surgery to eliminate all traces of breast cancer that forced him to temporarily withdraw from his professional commitments on television. It was Ana Rosa’s Instagram post that pushed the presenter to publicly tell how his last meeting was at the boss’s house: “We were lucky enough to eat a stew at Ana Rosa’s house and we told him that there are many people who ask about her…” Joaquín has acknowledged that he saw her “spectacular” and did not hide his pleasant surprise at seeing how well his companion and friend is despite the hard battle she is going throughJoaquín Prat talks about his last meeting with Ana Rosa Mediaset “They see her spectacular, as we saw her yesterday, it seems that she has not undergone that chemotherapy treatment. Due to his state of mind and physical appearance, it seems that he will not have to face that surgical intervention in just a few days.“, a revelation hitherto unknown to the general public and that shows that he follows the advice of his medical team rigorously and with all confidence. Joaquín summed up Ana Rosa’s condition in the best way: “She is as always… “, although he pointed out that perhaps a little thinner than usual. “The brightness in the eyes, the attitude… unalterable”, he concluded while taking advantage of those minutes to send her a kiss.

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