‘Amor de madre’, season 5 of ‘Elite’ or the latest film by María Pedraza: all Netflix premieres in April 2022

We already have the month of April that comes loaded with premieres on Netflix, and that we are still recovering from the recent (and wonderful) second season of The Bridgertons. The month of flowers brings with it the return of Elite and premieres as juicy as Anatomy of a Scandal, by David E. Kelley (the creator of the fantastic Big Little Lies and Nine Perfect Strangers), or the new film by María Pedraza by give you just a few examples. we tell you all Netflix releases for April 2022, starting with the most anticipated series.

Where to watch the best series that, according to critics, we should not miss

Elite (Season 5)

Elite Season 5

Although the words of the co-creator of Elite made us feel a little bad (they were tinged with a fatphobia that we didn’t like at all), we can’t help but really want to sink our teeth into the new season of Elite, to find out what other secrets are hidden in Las Encinas. When? April 8 on Netflix.

Between fence and fence

Between Gate and Gate Netflix

It’s acid British comedy starring Catherine Tate shows the ups and downs of prison life through Laura Willis, who turns her career around when she takes charge of a women’s prison. When? April 12 on Netflix.

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anatomy of a scandal

Michelle Dockery and Sienna Miller are the protagonists of the new David E. Kelley miniseries and Melissa James. Based on the novel of the same name by Sarah Vaughan, Anatomy of a Scandal tells how a scandal affects the lives of a family from the political elite of the United Kingdom. When? April 15 on Netflix.

Anatomy of a Scandal (Thriller and Suspense)

Anatomy of a Scandal (Thriller and Suspense)

The heirs of the earth

Based on the homonymous novel by Ildefonso Falcones, the new Spanish Netflix series has a cast led by Yon González, Elena Rivera, Rodolfo Sancho, David Solans and Aria Bedmar, along with the special collaboration of Aitor Luna and Michelle Jenner. We move to Barcelona at the end of the 14th century to learn the story of the young Hugo Llor. When? April 15 on Netflix.

The Inheritors of the Earth (Best Seller)

The Inheritors of the Earth (Best Seller)

Russian Doll (Season 2)

Season 2 Russian Doll

We have been waiting so long for the second season of Russian Doll, that we are going to need a refresh to remember everything that happened in the first season of the series created by and starring Natasha Lyonna. And although there is no trailer yet, we already know that we are going to devour it in one sitting. When? April 20 on Netflix.

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heart stopper

Netflix continues to bet on adapting young adult bestsellers as it did with Through My Window, and this time it was the turn of Alice Oseman’s graphic novel. In it we discover sweet Charlie and Nick, a rugby lover, who meet at high school but soon discover that they want to be more than friends. When? April 22 on Netflix.

Heartstopper 1. Two boys together (Fiction)

Heartstopper 1. Two boys together (Fiction)

not a word

not a word

We declare ourselves lovers of thrillers, and this one set in Warsaw The synopsis alone caught our attention: “When a young man disappears shortly after the death of his friend, life in a wealthy neighborhood of Warsaw begins to show its cracks, secrets and lies.” When? Coming soon on Netflix.

More series and premiere programs on Netflix in April 2022

The Home Edit: Everything in Its Place (April 1) The Last Bus (April 1) Beyblade Burst Surge (April 1) Pedro the Flaky (April 1) Abby Hatcher S2 (April 1) Job Proposal (4 April) Mike Epps: Indiana Mike (Comedy Special) (April 5) Michela Giraud: La veritá, lo giuro! (Comedy Special) (April 6) The Ultimatum: Get Married or Leave It (April 6) Erotic Lines (April 8) Green Eggs and Ham S2 (April 8) Tiger & Bunny S2 (April 8) Animal Detectives (12 April) Almost Happy S2 (April 13) The Mother-In-Law Who Gave Birth to You (April 13) Hard Cell (April 12) Ultraman S2 (April 14) Pacific Rim: No Man’s Land S2 (April 19) Kentaro is Pregnant (April 21) It’s All Gila (Comedy Special) (April 21) Sunset: The Golden Mile S5 (April 22) Komi-san Can’t Communicate S2 (April 27) Ozark S4 Part 2 (April 29)

All the premiere documentaries on Netflix in April

The mystery of Marilyn Monroe: the unreleased tapes

The Marilyn Monroe Mystery The Unreleased Tapes

This documentary directed by Emma Cooper, explores the death of movie star Marilyn Monroe and he does it through unpublished interviews with his closest circle who want to clarify what really happened. When? April 27 on Netflix.

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Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story (April 6) Back to Space (April 7) Majestic National Parks (April 13) Senzo: The Murder of a Football Star (April 7) On Target: The Rise and the fall of Abercrombie & Fitch (April 19) Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes (April 20)

All the premiere movies on Netflix in April

The bubble

Judd Apatow returns to his old ways with his new comedy a group of actors is trapped in a hotel because of the pandemic. The best is that we can see Karen Gillan, Pedro Pascal, Leslie Mann or David Duchovny among others. You win. When? April 1 on Netflix.

the crystal girls

Maria Pedraza and Paula Losada star in this film directed by Jota Linares, in which we learn the story of Irene, the dancer who, after the star of the National Classical Ballet commits suicide, is selected to star as Giselle. Suspense and drama made in Spain with paint. When? April 8 on Netflix.

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Between two worlds

Between two worlds

Based on the young adult novel by Marc Klein What Remains Between Us and directed by Arie Posin comes this romantic drama with Joey King and Kyle Allen as leads. In it, a young woman loses the love of her life, but she believes that he is sending her signs from beyond. When? April 8 on Netflix.

What's left between us (Fiction)

What’s left between us (Fiction)

Mother’s Love

Carmen Machi and Quim Gutiérrez are the protagonists absolute highlights of one of the most anticipated Spanish comedies of the year, directed by Paco Caballero. The premise is this: José Luis has been left standing at the altar and his mother Mari Carmen has insisted on going with him to the honeymoon with the excuse of not losing money. The trailer has left us wanting more. When? April 29 on Netflix.

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More premiere movies on Netflix in April

Apollo 10½: A Space Childhood (Netflix Original. April 1) Millennium: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger (April 1) Battle: Freestyle (Netflix Original. April 1) Always On Time (Original Netflix. April 1) Creed II (April 1) Tiger & Bunny: The Rising (April 1) Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning (April 1) Furioza (Netflix Original. April 6) Yaksha: Ruthless Operations (Netflix Original. April 8) Metal Lords (Netflix Original. April 8) Proskromienie Zlosnicy (April 13) Choose or Die (Netflix Original. April 15) Man of God (Netflix Original. April 16 ) Turning Point (Netflix Original. April 20) Let Go (Netflix Original. April 22) Siege of Silverton (Netflix Original. April 27) Bubble (Netflix Original. April 28) Note: Some of the links published here are from affiliates. Despite this, none of the items mentioned have been proposed by either the brands or the stores, their introduction being a unique decision of the editorial team. Photos | Netflix

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