Amelia Bono clears up the doubt, is she pregnant with her fifth child?

Pregnant Celebrities · Amelia Bono

In recent days there have been many messages that Amelia Bono has received about a possible pregnancy. The businesswoman has not wanted to wait any longer and has responded as to whether or not she is expecting her fifth child

Amelia Bono does not stop sharing her daily life on social networks, her looks, the moments she lives with her family and friends, the enviable trips she takes when her obligations allow it… And despite their separation just a few months ago by Manuel Martos, the businesswoman can boast that she is having a good time both professionally and personally. But among so much publication, she has raised a doubt in her followers. Are you pregnant with your fifth child? Amelia Bono has assured that these days she is receiving many questions about a possible pregnancy. To clear all kinds of doubts, she herself has answered what is true or not in this.Amelia Bono has started the day by standing in front of the camera, revealing her belly and talking about this topic for which so many comments are reaching her. A way to respond to everyone at the same time and to clarify whether or not she is going to be a mother again in a few months. The ex-wife of Manuel Martos, in the video that she has shared from the bathroom of her house, has made things very clear about her future plans when it comes to motherhood. To hear everything she has said about these plans and about the pregnancy rumors… Press play and find out everything because it explains it very clearly!A video that also It is a true reflection of the energy that Amelia Bono has from first thing in the morning. If something characterizes her routine, it is that she does not stop all day between taking care of her four children, her time at the gym, her care, her work, and the time she spends with her family and friends. And she always makes a whole riot of good attitude.

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