AMD will have a dedicated exascale GPU in its Instinct MI300 range

We have talked on more than one occasion about how manufacturers are going fully into the exascale when it comes to computing, but as we can read on Videocardz, It seems that AMD would have the first APU to belong to the exascale on the way.
This would be, on the one hand, thanks to the Zen 4 cores that the chip will have, that as we have seen today, will have a generous increase in performance compared to the previous generation of AMD chips. On the other hand, the CDNA 3 GPU inside it would have a considerable size.
Geeknetic AMD will have a dedicated exascale GPU in its Instinct MI300 1 range

According to the image that we can see on these lines, this chip -with a date of arrival at the laboratory in the third quarter of this year- would have Zen 4 cores and CDNA 3 GPU with shared HBM memory, which would imply that this memory would be accessible by both the GPU and the CPU, with the good results that this can give in certain scenarios. In it you can see at least 6 stacks of HBM chips.
Also, it seems that this chip would be as big as the full CDNA3 GPU, so it certainly has a lot of muscle inside. In any case, this would be the largest chip in the family, probably existing lower models in a whole range of compute APUs.

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