Almudena Cid shares the new and significant step in her life without Christian Gálvez

Celebrity breakups Almudena Cid

Almudena Cid has shared some images on her Instagram with which she has shown that she is focused on rebuilding her life after her breakup with Christian Gálvez

This 2022 is not being easy at all for Almudena Cid. the year began with the news of his separation from Christian Gálvez and a little over a month ago the presenter’s relationship with his partner Patricia Pardo came to light. In this time, Almudena has been affected and there have been several steps that she has had to take to rebuild her life. She has taken refuge in her work, in her friends, in her family, she has made a move and has given some other statement with which she has shown that she is not one hundred percent. But what is clear is that she is doing a lot of her part to go on with his life without Christian and now he has shared one more step.Almudena Cid is immersed in furnishing and decorating her new home. For the former gymnast, it is very important to find a refuge in her house in which to feel good and be happy in this new stage of her life. So she’s leaving nothing to chance and now she’s gone looking for a couch. The ex-wife of Christian Gálvez has shared the images of her shopping day in which she has been the funniest. As soon as she has reached the sofa section of the store, she has struck one of her inimitable gymnastic poses.Almudena Cid during her search for a sofa. Instagram @almudenacid This image is the most significant because it is a way that Almudena Cid teaches that she is focused on rebuilding her life. A new stage in which he has the full support of his family, and especially his mother. Mina Tostado, the gymnast’s mother, has not hesitated to stand up for her daughter in recent weeks, throwing more than one pull at Christian Gálvez. With her support, with that of other family friends, and with its new professional and personal challenges, Almudena little by little is raising her head.

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