Almudena Cid sentences 'MasterChef Celebrity': "The worst experience of my life"

Almudena Cid is experiencing a moment of absolute revolution. Very recently his separation from Christian Gálvez was known, an event that has inevitably marked a before and after in his life. The ex-gymnast has since taken refuge in work, specifically in the play that has just premiered in a Madrid theater and with which she is reaping many successes. About all this he has spoken in the interview he has granted exclusively in our magazine. Almudena has been very sincere. She has talked about how she has managed the pain in recent times and the motivation she feels seeing how her acting career is on the rise. A motivation that has not always been present in their professional experiences , specifically in 'MasterChef Celebrity'.

Almudena Cid, in the words that she has granted exclusively to our magazine, has spoken of how happy she is to coincide with Félix Gómez in his play. The ex of Christian Gálvez and the actor were partners in 'MasterChef Celebrity', and this coincidence has served Almudena to remember her time in the most famous kitchens on television. An experience about which he has revealed that he has a bad memory. The former gymnast has commented that this has been "the worst television experience of my life". And he has preferred not to go deeper and settle the issue by saying that "I'm not going to talk about 'MasterChef��".

Almudena Cid

Almudena Cid has surprised with this sincere confession with which she has remembered her experience in 'MasterChef Celebrity'. A contest in which she gave everything and in which she was super dedicated. At the time, he recognized that what it cost him at the beginning was to integrate, and his expulsion caught him completely off guard because it was in the first test of the night. Could these be the reasons why you don't have good memories of the contest?

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