All the messages from celebrities to Chanel just before her performance at Eurovision

Chanel at the Eurovision Song Contest: All the messages of support that the famous songs have sent her · Eurovision

Singers and well-known faces on television have turned to Chanel a few hours before she goes up to the Eurovision Song Contest and have dedicated very nice messages to her

Updated May 14, 2022, 4:44 PM It’s very close to Chanel taking the Eurovision Song Contest stage to sing ‘SloMo’. The singer is experiencing the most exciting hours in Turin and is nervous, excited and eager for the moment to come and surprise everyone with the ‘Chanelazo’. The artist, who will perform in tenth position, already has everything ready. The costume, the choreography, the make-up… And she is willing to give it her all to stay on top of the table, the better. But wherever she is, what she does not lack are messages of support from her. Many celebrities are wishing her all the luck in the world and are sending her the best vibes for her most special night. Next, we review who are the familiar faces that have sent a message to Chanel just a few hours before she lives one of her most special experiences. Do you want to stop receiving the most outstanding news from Lecturas?

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