Agustín Pantoja negotiates his signing to go to ‘Survivors 2022’

Exclusives Agustín Pantoja

‘Survivors 2022’ is getting closer. The first pools of possible contestants are already on the table and Lecturas has accessed exclusive information about the offer that Agustín Pantoja has received to go to Honduras

The machinery of ‘Survivors 2022’ is already underway. Proof of this are the increasingly emerging rumors of celebrities who sound to be part of their list of contestants. After a winter that has been very long and that, it seems, has lasted since March 2020, the audience is crying out for a show and Telecinco’s most successful reality show is more than enough. As the pools progress, Readings has accessed exclusive information on one of the signings. Better said: THE signing. The most desired, in fact, by the reality organization: Agustín Pantoja.Isabel Pantoja’s brother is the name most longed for right now by those responsible for ‘Survivors 2022’. We know first of all that Agustín Pantoja has already received a generous offer to compete in Honduras and live the most extreme adventure of television (and, possibly, of his life). Thus, the trail of the tonadillera would continue, whose signing was a real bombshell and, probably, Agustín would have set himself the goal of creating an impact similar to that of his sister, if the agreement with the reality show finally materializes. Not in vain, If the life of the mother of Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja takes place in the most absolute of secrets, Agustín Pantoja is undoubtedly the greatest enigma that Cantora contains, so seeing it in Honduras would seem like the biggest attraction of this edition. The offer for Agustín to become a full-fledged contestant on ‘Survivors 2022’ is on the table and the negotiations, as Readings have learned, are so advanced that in a short time we could know your firm decision. If she accepted, his participation would have a huge impact on a media and personal level. On the one hand, He would break a sepulchral silence that lasted decades and he would return to being a public person, after a judge considered in 2016 that he had no public interest.On the other hand, presumably, Isabel Pantoja would be precisely her biggest obstacle to accepting this challenge, since it would mean leaving the tonadillera alone, who is going through one of the hardest moments of her life after losing her mother and because of a war of attrition with his son. Agustín Pantoja would be the fifth member of the Cantora clan to live this extreme experience, if he finally accepts the reality show offer.

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