Agoney celebrates the victory in ‘Your face rings a bell’ with a romantic kiss with her boyfriend Marc

TCMS Your face rings a bell · Agoney OT 2017

Agoney has been proclaimed the winner of ‘Your face sounds to me’ and her boyfriend, the dancer from the program Marc Montojo, has congratulated him in the most romantic way on set

Agoney lived yesterday one of his most special nights. In a very exciting final, he was proclaimed the winner of ‘Your face sounds to me’ in a very close competition with other finalists such as Nia or María Peláe. The one who was a contestant on ‘Operación Triunfo’ he took the solidarity prize and had a beautiful gesture when distributing it among the five finalists so that everyone could allocate it to the NGO they wanted. But it was not the only thing that caught the attention of everything that surrounded the celebration of his victory. Because in addition to this beautiful moment, he lived another of the most romantic. Agoney, just after winning the victory, sand melted into a kiss with his partner Marc Montojo, one of the program’s dancers. At the time Manel Fuentes pronounced Agoney’s name as the winner of ‘Tu cara me sonido’, many congratulated the singer. And being so close, the person with whom he currently shares his life could not miss. Marc Montojo did not hesitate to go on stage and comparethrew away Agoney’s happiness. The dancer gave him a super romantic kiss with which he showed how much she was happy about the artist’s triumph after how much she had worked during all the galas and imitations of the contest. In addition, he was in charge of delivering her bouquet of flowers.Agoney and Marc Montojo in ‘Your face sounds like me’. Antena 3 All this was the clear sign that Agoney and Marc Montojo are very happy with their courtship. In addition, in some way, both share a profession on stage. The singer’s partner has participated as a dancer in musicals such as ‘Today I can’t get up’ or in television programs such as ‘La voz’ or ‘Tu cara me sonido’. As for his courtship with Agoney, since he participated in the video clip of his song ‘Bangover’, where they merge into several kisses, there were many who speculated on a possible relationship. Something that was confirmed last night in the most beautiful way.

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