Afghan activists who participated in the meeting with the Taliban in Oslo ask for political asylum

Las activistas afganas que participaron en la reunión con los talibán en Oslo piden asilo político

conference with the Taliban in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, have decided to request political asylum in the Nordic country , as confirmed on Saturday by the director of the communication department of the Afghan Foreign Ministry, Jairulá Shinwari, on his Twitter account.

"Women invited to a meeting in Norway have now applied for asylum there," Shinwari said. The economic director of the Afghan Foreign Ministry, Shafi Azam, has declared for his part that women and young people often "hide" behind civil liberties to simply seek refuge abroad.

Likewise, Azam has asked that cases like this not be repeated so as not to discredit the country for personal gain , in comments collected by the official Russian news agency Sputnik.

These activists participated in talks with the Taliban delegation that visited Oslo from January 23 to 25 , in what was the first international trip carried out by leaders of the fundamentalist movement after their conquest of the country, which culminated on August 15 with the seizure of the capital, Kabul.

Since then, NGOs and much of the international community have denounced campaigns of discrimination against women in the country , as well as the persecution of activists by members of the movement.

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