Actor Jin Ha Sparks First “Pachinko” Controversy

Ok, hey, I haven’t done the first impressions yet, but I came across this note and it caught my attention. Korean-American actor Jin Ha who gives life to Solomon B in the recently released «Pachinko» has already generated a serious problem for the Korean public and it is not light at all! And I thought that wearing a female hanbok was going to bring him problems, I was wrong!! Jin Hais a polyglot who has a degree in East Asian Languages ​​and Cultures from Columbia University, his most outstanding works on US TV have been the programs Devs and Love Life.

Jin Ha who stars in the new Apple TV+ drama » Pachinko “, recently caused a stir in Korea when it was discovered that he had done hidden cameras and sexual harassment 12 years ago. Illegal photos on his personal SNS account are known to have been kept public from 2010 until recently (2022), and were only removed after controversies broke out. With the dark past of Jin Ha being revealed right before the first release of the drama “ Pachinko ” in Korea today (March 25), viewers at home and abroad are losing their interest in “ Pachinko ”. Since the crimes caused by hidden cameras can destroy the lives of many women, the crime of Jin Ha it cannot be taken lightly.

Jin Ha as Solomon B in “Pachinko” Earlier, netizens discovered and revealed the contents of Jin Ha’s old blog. Jin Ha, which he used from July 2010 to September 2011, in online communities. It’s known that Jin Ha posted over 100 photos of middle-aged women and grandmothers that he illegally took on subways and buses in Korea. It is true that she took those photos without asking permission. In addition to illegal photos, he also wrote captions and comments that sexually harassed the grandmothers, such as “Working with such a provocative model it was hard for me to control myself and my lust”, “Now we have an excuse to look directly at her right nipple”, etc. . In addition, she also made rude judgments about the grandmothers’ appearance, such as “They really do look like ducks”.

In the end, angry Korean viewers declared, “I won’t watch’Pachinko‘” and began to show a different attitude towards the new drama. Netizens criticized, “Illegal filming is a serious problem. It is so unpleasant to see him write such comments about what he felt like he was evaluating those grandmothers as objects. I hope he apologizes to the victims and removes his posts.” We already know that for Koreans there is no separation between a person and the entire cast of a production, and the behavior of this subject deserves exemplary punishment, regardless of the apologies and the fact that now the photos no longer appear on his account. Subject disgust!! Well for now, this does affect my mood regarding this actor, but still, I will see «Pachinko», I don’t know what I’ll do when I get to his scenes… Is it so hard to be a decent person?? Credits Kbizoom

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