A training platform for English teachers

Milton Education, a publisher specialized in learning the English language, offers its Milton Teachers platform to all teachers who use any of its materials in Infant, Primary, ESO or Baccalaureate. Milton Teachers is a community for English teachers from around the world, whose goal is to train ESL/EFL (English as a Second or Foreign Language) teachers to teach creatively through innovative tools and methodologies, with the in order to engage and inspire students in the English classroom.

Master for innovative teachers

The platform offers MILT (Masters in Innovative Language Teaching), a free master’s degree for innovative English teachers who use the publisher’s materials. It is made up of 15-minute video lessons that can be viewed from any device with an Internet connection, aimed at making English classes more effective for both new teachers and those who already have previous experience.

The videos are totally focused on practice and have been recorded taking into account the daily reality of the classroom. This means that the teacher can, for example, increase their knowledge on topics such as Collaborative Learning or Multiple Intelligences in one morning and implement them in the classroom the next day. Whether you are a new or more experienced teacher, MILT supports you and allows you to develop your skills.

More than 120 lessons

This master’s degree is designed to help teachers feel confident in all areas of their practice and engage their students using innovative approaches. The content of the program that makes up MILT contains more than 120 lessons grouped into 8 modules:

teaching methods (teaching methods)Classroom Management (classroom management)Teaching English (English teaching)Classroom Tools (tools)Social And Emotional Learning (social and emotional learning)Creating An Inclusive Classroom (creating an inclusive classroom)Teacher Wellbeing (teacher welfare)Management And Leadership (management and leadership)

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