A new team at Google Cloud is building services for Web3 developers

Google is forming a new team at Google Cloud whose mission will be to build back-end services for the blockchain, services that the company hopes to become the primary destination for all those users who want to use Web3 applications. For example, one of the main uses -and perhaps less well received- of the Web3are being the NFTs.
However, as we read on Engadget, Google declares that they do not want to be part of the wave of cryptocurrencies directlybut will provide technologies for companies to use and take advantage of the distributed nature of Web3 in your business and enterprise.
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It has also been mentioned that the Web3 market is already showing great potential, with even Google customers asking the company to increase support for Web3 and other blockchain-related technologies.
As good as this all sounds, there is an element of inconsistency here, and that is that the main objective of Web3 is to decentralize the web and move power away from major companies like Google, Amazon and Meta. Still, Web3 developers need to host their applications and services somewhere, and Google wants to be your first choice. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments!
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