A drone captures the murder of a cyclist in Bucha: another proof of the atrocities committed by the Russians

The Russians have ensured that the bodies found in Bucha have not been killed by his army, which is a setup orchestrated by Ukraine, that the bodies were placed there after the withdrawal of its troops. However, evidence appears every day that contradicts this version. First we saw satellite images showing the dead in the streets before the Russian withdrawal, and now comes a new test, captured from the air by a drone.

The execution of a cyclist

In the images you see a man riding a bicycle down a city street, at a given moment he decides to get out of the saddle and walk. He approaches an avenue taken by Russian tanks, but from his position he does not see them. When he turns the corner to take Yablunska street, he comes face to face with two Russian tanks that shoot at him, riddled him mercilessly.. The drone captures the entire sequence, even the column of smoke raised by the projectiles. The reason for this smoke is that in addition to shooting down the cyclist, the Russian cannon shot also knocked down an electrical pole that was next to him. we know because it is one of the corpses that we have seen these days in the city.
His inert body has been found and recorded exactly in the place where he was murderedright next to the fallen post and his bicycle, in the ill-fated Yablunska street, already known as the “Bucha Bodies Avenue”. His death was not the result of a combat between soldiers from both fronts, nor was it the result of a bombardment. It’s about the execution of a civilian in the middle of the street while riding a bike. The images, broadcast by NextaTv on Telegram, have been relaunched on social networks by Bellingcat, an investigative journalism portal, which has geolocated the incident.

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