9 Friends Looks That Are As Cool Today As The First Day They Were Aired

We know: the last episode of Friends was broadcast on May 6, 2004, so what? The reunion of its actors, the fact that we can see it on HBO max and that it is a cult series from “c” to “o” allows us to talk about it nonstop. Because if, the melancholy of those golden years will never leave us.

Rachel, Phoebe and Monica are much more than fictional characters. They have managed to become our friends, our references (in some cases, we must clarify this, a series from the nineties usually has shortcomings in the eyes of 2022) and our timeless style icons. here they go Some outfits of the series for which it does not seem that more than 20 years have passed.

Rachel in “The One That Could Have Been”

Friends looks

Rachel Green is one of the champions of nineties minimalism, we are aware of this, but her character leaves us with more than one groundbreaking look. For example, this cow print coat is pure fantasy. If we add that the handbag is leopard print in red we have guaranteed success.

Phoebe in “The One With Phoebe’s Husband”

Friends looks

Defining Phoebe’s style in one word is complicated. Perhaps boho would be a good term, but always with that “crazy” stamp so characteristic of this beloved character. Far from her usual line, Phoebe gives us a styling of sixties airs that could not be more cool. The pink and white tweed dress and the maxi earrings are eleven out of ten.

Monica in “The One With All The Kissing”

Friends looks

Take a good look at Monica’s dress. Yeah, it looks like Missoni (or maybe it even is, we don’t have that information), and it could be part of the firm’s 2022 collection without any problem. This short design with a metallic effect zig zag print is everything we could wish for this spring.

Rachel in ‘The One With the Tiny T-Shirt’


We confirm with evidence that Rachel and minimalism go hand in hand. In the third season he looks a suit with a long, straight skirt and matching jacket in grayish blue which is a resounding yes. Square toe boots with a wide heel are the perfect climax.

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Phoebe in “The One After The Super Bowl: Part 1”

lookazos friends

We always talk about Rachel’s looks, but with East outfits Phoebe was a true pioneer stylistically speaking. An oversize sweatshirt (reindeer included) and a long floral skirt are the best combo ever. Add some platform sneakers and you have a very trendy outfit.

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Monica in “The One At The Beach”

lookazos friends

The canadian tuxedo it was a milestone in the nineties, but still more alive than ever. Here we see Monica in mom jeans paired with a light wash shirt and white canvas sneakers. The basics never die.

Rachel in “The One with the Flashback”

lookazos friends

Well, we didn’t remember this Rachel outfit and it was an instant crush. in the purest style versace in the eighties, Green defends like no other a purple jacket, with gold buttons and marked lapels. Accented shoulders make all the difference.

Phoebe in “The One with Two Parts: Part 1”

lookazos friends

Although Phoebe slips from time to time with her impossible combinations, “he who doesn’t risk, doesn’t win.” In the second season of the series looks a black satin dress over a maroon fitted t-shirt and taupe suede boots. Ok, it is not a style suitable for all tastes, but we give it the highest approval.

Monica in “The One Where Ross and Rachel…You Know”

lookazos friends

As a finishing touch, a style by Monica that reminds us that the most popular binomial in history is infallible. Wearing a white skintight vest and total black underneath, Courtney Cox’s character deserves the award for “best dressed with little risk.” Photographs | friends

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