7 Shocking Phrases on Netflix’s “Juvenile Justice”

Twitter Facebook Pinterest K-Drama “Juvenile Justice” (“Juvenile Court” premiered in Netflix on February 25, 2022. The 10-episode series gained quite a bit of popularity and attention. It is starring Kim Hye Soo , Kim Mu Yeol and Lee Sung Min to the head. She is about a judge who doesn’t like underage criminals. Out of all of them, she is appointed as a juvenile court judge in the Yeonhwa district. She has her ways of dealing with things and ends up applying new methods to punish criminals. Check out these top quotes from the “Juvenile Justice” series Here we go!

“I heard that children under the age of 14 don’t go to prison even for something like murder” – Seong Woo.

“People often reveal their true nature when cornered. This is why humans are cruel.” – Shim Eun Seok.

“It was me who was hit. Why do I have to run away every time? – Seo Yu Ri

“She is a girl who suffered domestic abuse. Children like this never grow up. 10 years, 20 years? Only time will pass, but they will still be abused children regardless.” – Cha Tae Joo

“I hate juvenile delinquents” – Shim Eun Seok.

“We need to show them how tough the law can be! We have to teach them that when you hurt someone, you have to pay the consequences” – Shim Eun Seok.

“They say it takes a whole town to raise a child. In other words, a child’s life could be ruined if the whole town neglects him.” – Shim Eun-seok.

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