7 Interesting Facts About Seol In Ah

With so many new shows coming out at the same time, it’s been a busy few weeks for K-drama fans. One, in particular, has been talked about because of his cute and fluffy backstory: Business Proposala story starring Ahn Hyo Seop as the chaebol heir Kang Tae Mu and Kim Sejeong as a food researcher in his company. Her paths cross when she replaces her best friend (and heiress) Jin Young Seo, played by seol in ah during a blind date.

While it’s exciting to anticipate what each cast member brings to the table, it’s especially exciting to see seol in ah in another romantic comedy. He first gained recognition for his supporting role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon , where she played Guk Doo’s girlfriend, yes, the one who falls in love with Bong Soon’s brother! In the same year, she was in School 2017 and was a host on MBC’s Section TV until 2019. Her first leading role was in Sunny Again Tomorrow of KBS broadcast in 2018, which earned her the award for Best New Actress at the KBS Drama Awards 2018, unfortunately her male lead disappeared from the map, she has not participated in any other drama. Shortly after, seol in ah joined the cast of Law Of The Jungle in Mexico, making it his second full variety show. I remember that I followed her program just to see her, she showed herself as a fearless girl who knows how to enjoy her adventures. It seems to me that her group was in San Luis Potosí where they had to climb, descend waterfalls and navigate a beautiful river that is in the place.

With Jin Joo Hyun for “Sunny Again Tomorrow”

With Kim Kyung Nam for “Special Labor Inspector Jo” 2019 was a great year for the actress as she was the second female lead in Special Labor Inspector and Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life, her second family drama for KBS. The performance of seol in ah in the latter it earned her the Excellence Award for Actress in a Drama Series at the 2019 KBS Drama Awards. We next saw her during a cameo in Record Of Youth where she played Jeong Ji Ah, Sa Hye Joon’s ex-girlfriend ( Park Bo Gum). About this experience, he said, “I was so happy that I was able to record my youth with everyone, and it was so much fun. It was meaningful for me to be able to lend my strength to a great drama. I hope that Record Of Youth brings your healing, and I wish you happiness always, with a warm heart and endless youth. And before that Business Proposal fans were able to cheer on Seol In Ah at mr queen his first historical drama since The Flower In Prison in 2016. Want to know more about this rising star? Keep reading!

Just some interesting facts about Seol In Ah:

Seol In Ah was born on January 3, 1996.
That’s right, a Capricorn has entered the chat! According to experts, Capricorns “take instructions well, will work on any task assigned to them, and will be confident enough to want to move forward, one milestone and one achievement at a time.” Interesting, right?She was once a K-pop idol trainee.
Before becoming an actress, seol in ah used to train together with the former member of KARA, Heo Young Ji . She learned to sing and dance in high school, but that career didn’t pan out. Instead, she attended the Seoul Institute of the Arts and majored in acting.He has a special friendship with Kim Sejeong.
ICYDK, both starred School 2017so Business Proposal It’s a happy reunion for both of us! sejeong he said: “…I realized how much we had become adults. We didn’t really say ‘You grew up well in three years’, but we both felt it.” seol in ah he added, “Every time we would appear on set together, the staff would say, ‘Two pterodactyls have appeared!'” LOL!

4. The actress had a great time while filming Mr. Queen.

It is true that seol in ah she was nervous about the role, so she did some prep work, specifically speaking and reading books slowly while taking deep breaths in an attempt to master the sageuk tone. As with any work of hers, she was not without its challenges, such as when she received negative comments from viewers, but she leaned on her family and co-stars during those times. Even when the cameras weren’t rolling, the cast bonded by staying in character.

She shared, “We joked around while staying as our respective characters. When I approached So Yong, court lady Choi ( Cha Chung Hwa ) and Hong Yeon ( Chae Seo Eun ) said: ‘Queen, you have to be careful’. So, So Yong looked at me for a bit. We spend time like this normally like our characters. In particular, there were many bugs thanks to Byulgam Hong ( Lee Jae Won ). It was to the point where we laughed for 30 minutes.” The best part? seol in ah went back to work with Kim Jung-hyun who also starred School 2017 : “I felt calm and a sense of closeness with him on set, and I was able to immerse myself even more in my role because he took care of me and showed his focus.”

5. Her dream role is completely unexpected.

According to a Soompi article, seol in ah wants to try his hand at an action project. She wants to play a character like Killing Eve’s Villanelle. Well actually his role in “Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo” had some action. If you’re curious and not familiar with “Killing Eve’s,” here’s a short clip: 6. She’s good friends with K-pop star Chungha. The two appeared as guests on an episode of the SBS variety show called It’s Okay To Be Slightly Crazy , where they tried artistic climbing for the first time. They revealed that they met at a dance academy during their high school days, which is why they are close. We also learned that Seol In Ah was practicing jiu-jitsu at the time and was looking to strengthen her grip on him. How cool is that? A year later, both artists appeared in running man where seol in ah he also showed everyone his dancing skills. 7. The love of his life? Your dog Julia!

seol in ah she appeared as a guest on Dogs Are Incredible and told the story of how she met her dog Julie: «[Ella] she is an abandoned dog. [Y] it is estimated that she is five years old and that she is a Jindo.” Apparently, seol in ah is part of an internet community that rescues large dogs that are abandoned.” He later clarified that a junkyard owner had puppies he didn’t want to keep, so he wanted to give them away; one of the puppies was Julie.

There was also a time when Julie was missing for almost two weeks. the mother of seol in ah he was walking the dog and when he ran after a cat, the leash broke. He looked for Julie day and night and she couldn’t eat well. She posted flyers all over her area and received nearly 500 tips from people who might have seen her dog. He also cut some of her clothes to help Julie find her way home, and it worked! They met 13 days later. Credits Cosmo.ph

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