365 Days 2: Release Date, When will The Trailer Come Out?

7 June 2020 was the date when movie 365 was aired on Netflix after being released in Polland. After its launch, it was successful in grabbing the attention and appreciation of the audience. The impact of the film was so much on the mind of spectators, that they started demanding was the 365 2. 2 years have been passed but it is. Yet not decided what will be the 365 Days 2 release date? Know more about the release date and many more.

365 Days is an erotic Polish movie filled with romance, and full of intimate scenes. Since after its release it became a matter of talk due to the bold scenes. This movie was shot in Poland Under the production of Ekipa, Future space, and Next film.

Let’s dig out to know more about 365 days release date and have a quick recall about the 365 days.

365 Days 2: Release Date, When will The Trailer Come Out?

365 Days 2 Storyline 

Being first released in Poland it was made aired on Netflix. It was launched in English, polish as well as the Italian language. The whole movie was of 1hour 54 minutes. It was filled with romance, sexual scenes. The main character is Massimo Torricelli who belonged to a Sicilian Mafia family. Has to step in the shoes of her father after he was killed. On the other hand, Laura is a young beautiful sales director who is fed up with her personal life.

She is trying to save her relationship for the last time Martin. Laura came to Sicily city to enjoy along with her boyfriend Martin and her friends. Martin and Laura fight at the beach and Laura left that place. From there itself, she is kidnapped by Massimo and prisoned in his house. Laura is granted 365 days to fall for him. This movie is all about how Laura falls for him and their bold scenes. The movie was hit on Netflix but got mixed reviews from the critics.

After the huge success fan is demanding for season 2. They are mentioning what will be the 365 days  2 release date ?. It will be assumed that the new movie will become up with a new storyline filled with thriller, romance. It will also contain bold scenes. Massimo will be the main character and new faces may come up.

365 Days 2: release date

There is no information regarding the launch of the 365 days 2 release date. Due to the ongoing pandemic, everything is delayed. The shooting is to begin by May 2021 in Poland as per sources. According to the report from the deadline, the film can be telecasted in 2022.

When Will The Trailer Come Out?

Till now no such news is out about the new trailer. The shooting has not begun till now. We will keep you updated when the trailer will be out. It is will first launch on Netflix. We are assuming that movie will be released in Poland as well as on Netflix simultaneously.

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