21 journalists killed, nine wounded and 15 missing since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

21 journalists killed, nine wounded and 15 missing since the beginning of the Russian invasion of UkraineBulletproof vest belonging to a journalistEuropa PressThe Ukrainian Institute of Mass Communication (IMI) has confirmed that 21 journalists have diednine have been injured and 15 are missing since the beginning, exactly two months ago, of the Russian invasion of the country, during which time Russia has committed, according to the organization, 243 attacks against media professionals and facilities in the country. IMI accuses Russia of bomb at least eleven communication towers, intimidate journalists and block access to Ukrainian media in Russia. These actions, he denounces, have forced the closure of 106 media outlets by “threats from Russian occupiers or forcible takeovers of newsrooms” that have made it “impossible to work under temporary occupation and print newspapers”. The IMI distinguishes that seven of the 21 journalists who died they died directly during the coverage of the Russian invasion while another 14 died in attacks that occurred when they were not carrying out their work. The Ukrainian body has also verified “eight cases of kidnapping of journalists by the Russian occupiers” in the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions.
Most of the missing reporters are in the city of Mariupol, under siege by Russian forces practically since the beginning of the invasion, and have been given this status because the organization “cannot verify that they are in contact with their comrades.” The whereabouts of another recently released reporter captured by Russian forces around kyiv are also unknown. The IMI “has also registered numerous computer attacks against websites of Ukrainian media and NGOs covering the war” and threats sent since the end of March to “email addresses of Ukrainian media and journalists”, according to the balance made public in your page.

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