10 Video Collage Ideas to Make Your Content Stand Out In 2022


Video content is likely to dominate the content market in the coming years. The visual sensory engagement of the audience with the video has helped marketers advertise their business in interesting formats. The landscape of content marketing has witnessed a drastic shift with video marketing adopted by marketers as a powerful tool. The pandemic has further fuelled the video content with people consuming more videos on an everyday basis. A report by HubSpot states that nearly 86% of businesses have started using video as a marketing tool. 


An interesting way to grab the attention of the audience in a few seconds is through an interesting video collage. Multiple frames can be put together to make it interactive and engaging for the audience. Here are 11 amazing video collage ideas for creating stunning content.


  1. Overlapping collage 

The collage can be created by overlapping an image or video on each other at various angles. For example, if you want to show a product to the audience, creating an overlapped collage of the product shot from different angles and highlighting various features make it attractive. It is great for small travel videos that represent different seasons of the same place. 


  1. Combining Text with Video 

Are you organizing a live event or want to send out e-invites? Add a video on one side of the collage and the description to help people understand the context. Video collage maker comes with an in-built template to put together a video alongside stylish text to make it visually appealing and reader-friendly.


  1. Slideshow Type Image Collage 

Put together a collage of pictures and create a slideshow video for an event or presentation. The slideshow image collage is perfect for surprising someone on their birthday or anniversary or any other event. There are tons of templates and all you must do is put the images to create a sequence of events. For example – Celebrate someone’s birthday by putting collages of pictures from toddler till date including all the important moments through slideshow collage. 


  1. Two videos side by side 

These video collages are easiest to make by placing the content side by side in a single video. For example, when you want to highlight two features of the same thing or service, it gives a better understanding to the audience. For example, preparation of a recipe and the ingredients video can be put side to side to give a visual perception.


  1. Overlay a video over a background 

This type of collage video creates an interesting background for the main video content. Instead of choosing a video for background, a static background also creates the needful influence. Video collage maker simplifies creating video with testimonials, reviews or information against a background video that refers to that service or product. 


  1. Comparison Collage 

Placing two or three videos side by side helps in creating interesting comparison videos. To top it up with more information, make sure to add a brief description. An example of this is in home décor videos where three collapses can be put together showing a space before the makeover, another with ongoing work, and the last with the finished work.


  1. Use shapes to create a video collage 

It is one of the easiest types of collage to make and is a great way to create standout content. There are pre-made templates to create such types of video collages. Pick an appropriate shape and drop the video, position it against a neutral background and add relevant text to create a collage. The size, shape and placement are customizable.


  1. Video collage within device frame 

Want to create a conversational style of collage? Drop a video on a device frame like a smartphone and make it look like a conversation. Using a video collage maker,  replicating certain conversations for a video within frames. The frames are not only limited to phones but a laptop, PC, tablet and other frames.


  1. Create a Poll Video with Collage 

Want people to take part in a survey or poll? For example, placing two videos side by side is great for creating poll videos as it gives the audience the right time comparison between both videos. This is a great and trendy idea for competitions like face-off dance challenges, music etc. where one video is played first and then next and is a great way to create polls. 


  1. Addition of Thumbnail in Video Collage 

The thumbnail is a smaller version of the large image or video. The addition of a thumbnail video as a collage on the main video is quite effective in tutorial type or DIY type video. If you want to explain a concept or create a tutorial video, a video thumbnail is quite effective. A collage of thumbnails on recorded video helps in explaining things as the thumbnail video explains what is happening in the bigger video. 


  1. Sticker Collage 

Want to make a video fun and interesting? As you create a video or speak in front of the video, add stickers representing the emotion. The video collage maker has a collection of in-built stickers to add as a collage. 


This type of video collage keeps the audience engaged and maps out the emotions of the audience. 


Why use Video Collage to Make Interesting Content? 

  • Video collage gives more than single visual information in one frame. It helps in bringing together various elements like text, videos, and images together. 
  • It helps in creating a creative and interesting video with stickers, graphics, transitions, and great background music. 
  • Use of video collages is an excellent tool for branding and promotion. A single frame can promote a product in different ways and angles. 



Video collages have managed to grab the attention of viewers with interesting elements in a single frame. Collages are great for creating exciting and viral content and conveying the right message to the audience. The collage makers and templates with their in-built tools have made it easy to create amazing video collages for brands, businesses, and social media.